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“In 2001 we began employment base sponsorship. We went through three other attorneys and bankruptcy of our sponsor. We were devastated with the long waiting period which brought no results and was very costly. Mr Christopher Kurczaba together with Mrs Ewa Brozek gave us glimmer of hope. They said they will do whatever they can to resolve my case. And indeed they did. After a difficult journey of writing appeals and letters of explanation, checking on my case and awaiting ,we got our GREEN CARDS IN 2013, FOR WHICH WE ARE VERY THANKFUL AND GREATFUL.“

Andrzej K


“I am very satisfied.  Throughout the year I was informed and updated on regular basis by Mr Kurczaba's staff about my case. If I had any questions or concerns, I had always received answers. I will recommend the Law Office of Christopher Kurczaba to all my friends.”

Elizabeta K


“Christopher Kurczaba and his associates are highly professional individuals. I specifically refer to Ewa Brozek who was in charge of my case. She promptly responded to all of my questions and concerns. She kept me posted throughout the entire process even providing her personal cell # so I could contact her in case of emergency outside business hours.  I highly recommend Kurczaba Law Offices P.C. to any person looking for an affordable and professional service in obtaining green card or solving any immigrational issues. I already recommended the office to two of my close friends. The were satisfied with the service as well.”



"Graet service! Positive atmoshere! Reasonable fee! Cases were filled and followed up on time. Updates were given timely. RFEs were responded effectively.You can contact the attorney and the staff at any time. I recommend this law firm to anyone.”

Shaji M


“I had a very positive experience with Kurczaba Law Offices, specifically, with Mrs. Ewa Brozek. She worked diligentlyon my behalf and always answered my questions in a timely and professional manner. In addition to her knowledgeof immigration law, I believe that Mrs. Brozek is one of the kindest and most approachable immigration attorneys inthe Chicago area, and she cares about her clients a great deal. Having such experience with Mrs. Brozek, I have recommended Kurczaba Law Offices to several friends and acquaintances.”



“We got the papers last week. Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication through the years.We trually appreciate it. You were always so pleasant and relaiable, we don’t know what we would have done without you! We have been very pleased with the services provided by your office and especially by those provided by Ewa Brozek. We don’t have kind enough word to describe what a pleasant and dedicated professional she is. She is very relaiable and approachable. Through the 6 years we have been clients of KurczabaLaw my husband and I had always felt like we can voice any concerns we might have and they would be taken care off right away. We were greatful to Ewa Brozek and the lawyersat Kurczba Law for all their hard work and dedication.”

Boris & Lily


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. KURCZABA LAW OFFICES, P.C. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”



“Thank you for a successful resolution of my case. I can recommend Kurczaba Law Offices to everyone as they are real professionals in the field of immigration law. Especially, I’d like to thank for the entire process to Mrs. Ewa.”



“Kurczaba Law Offices is a very professional law firm. My case was run by Ewa Brozek. Very knowledgeable and professional. Always had answers to my questions and always willing to help. I would recommend Kurczaba Law Offices to anyone.”



“During my three and a half year cooperation with Kurczaba Law Offices, P.C. I received diligent help. All the documents necessary for the sponsoring process were professionally prepared. During the next steps of the process I was immediately contacted by the office and kept up to date with the case. The experience with Kurczaba Law Offices, P.C. was very professional and I can definitely recommend it.”



“I highly recommend Kurczaba Law Office. Throughout my waiting period, I came across very nice and professional staff. I am very greatful to Mr Christopher and his employees especially Mrs Ewa Brozek for the positive outcome of my case.”



“I wish to thank all the employees of Kurczaba Law Offices for their proffesionalism, kindness and understanding, especially to Mr. Christopher Kurczaba and Ms Magda. At the INTERVIEW at the Immigration Office: the officer praised the attorney Mr. Kurczaba  for his contrubution of proffesional and accurate gathering of the documents for the Green Card.”

Maria F


“The level of service at KURCZABA LAW OFFICES, P.C. is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”



“I was referred to Kurczaba Law Offices by my boyfriend who had his green card from Christopher Kurczaba. Ewa Brozek who managed my case was always organized and explained everything clearly. She promptly responded to my calls and helped me proceed to my green card with no problem. I was very impressed. I did not have to go for an interview and I received my green card sooner than the USCIS notice. I highly recommend Kurczaba Law Offices because of their professional and excellent service.”



“The whole case didn’t take long. Reliability and high professionalism. Thank You”



The whole process of my case was conducted professionally. All information and correspondence with the Immigration Office were handled immediately and arranged to be send out in a specified time period. The merit of Kurczaba Law Offices P.C; is the reliable and dedicated service of its employees.



I was fortunate to receive the contact information of Kurczaba Law Office from a friend of mine. Kurczaba Law handled a case for me long-distance, as I live on the East Coast. All employees were very timely in returning my phone calls and emails. Moreover, everybody was professional and knowledgeable, therefore my case was approved without major complication. I highly recommend Kurczaba Law Office.

Mariusz B


I am a very demanding and difficult customer due to having high expectations. All I can say is that there were zero issues since I started working with Kurczaba Law Office. In addition to that, Kurczaba's service exceeded my expectations by fixing major issues created by my previous two attorneys. I feel like the previous attorneys I was working with were playing checkers, whereas Kurczaba Law Offices played chess. Especially talented and knowledgeable, I found Ewa Brozek who helped with my case, was able to see what would happened next with the Immigration Department, what can they do and what can they ask for next. She has the amazing skill of predicting the Immigration Department's next move, or she is extremely experienced or both. The common thing is that the happy customers usually don't speak too much about how happy they are, but the unhappy ones are talking about their bad experience everywhere and to everybody. The way my case was handled by Kurczaba Law Offices made me talk about it to my friends, so some of them were just tired of listening to me. I would like to add that I am a 101% delighted customer and if somebody wants peace of mind that his/her case is in the right hands, Kurczaba Law Offices is no doubt one of those attorneys they should use the service of.

Jacek & Agata N

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