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We navigate the complex rules on eligibility for applying for Citizenship or Naturalization for you.

Although this process may seem straightforward, filing an application will cause your entire immigration case to be reviewed and re-examined.  In addition, if you had problems with the law it may make you ineligible and may lead to losing your green cards and being removed from the USA.


Most green card holders/permanent residents can apply for citizenship 3 or 5 years from the date they were approved as permanent residents.

(after 3 years if you obtained permanent residency through a US Citizen spouse).  This timeline may be extended if you spent longer periods of time overseas.


All applicants have to pass an oral US Civics/history civics exam, writing short sentences and reading short sentences to show that they can communicate in English. 

We assist clients in preparing for the exam and reviewing the questions they will be asked from the application.  We provide our clients with a summary of all of the questions and practical information on the test and procedures.

Naturalization Citizenship

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We also assist clients filing medical exemptions from having to take the test.


We accompany clients to their citizenship tests. We will be more than happy to review your case to ensure that you are eligible, raise any issues that may come up, and help you decide if filing for citizenship is the right thing for you.

In order for us to assist you, when coming to our office, please bring your:


 Green card

 ID/driver’s license

 All passports (old and new)

 Details as to where you lived over the last 5 years

 Details as to where you worked over the last 5 years

 Summary of your travel outside of the US and return to the US (be specific as possible).

 If arrested? - Certified dispositions (from the Court Clerk’s Office)

  If divorced? Proof of payment of alimony or child support

 Last 5 years of income tax returns.


We look forward to seeing you in our office to assist you become a US Citizen!


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